Panna cotta, Amassame style

Panna cotta, Amassame style

You’ve finished the second course, the waiter comes to the table and asks the magic question

– will you be wanting dessert?

And who can resists, if you are in an Italian restaurant and they serve “Panna cotta” a typical dessert from the Italian region of Piedmont, reminiscent of flan but with a more milky taste, very easy to prepare, and which we teach you to prepare Amassame-style:


(Recipe for 4 PAX)

Let’s divide the recipe in 3 steps, the Panna cotta, the Blueberry sauce and the pistachio crumble, let’s go!

For the Panna cotta we will need, 350 ml of cream, 3 sheets of gelatine, 180 gr of Mascarpone, 75 of White chocolate, 20 gr of vanilla sugar, a vanilla pod and a pinch of salt

We put the cream, the vanilla sugar and the mascarpone on a very low heat and add the white chocolate until it melts, once it is melted add the vanilla pod, stir well, add the gelatine, strain it, put it in the containers that we are going to use, and let it cool down for 2-3 hours.


To elaborate the cranberry sauce, we will need 40 gr of sugar and 75 gr, and its elaboration is very easy, we boil 2 min, we let it rest and we let it cool down.


For the pistachio crumble we will need, 40 gr of flour, 30 gr of pistachio peeled and chopped, 40 gr of butter, 50 gr of sugar and to elaborate it we mix all the ingredients we stretch 1 cm, and we bake during 20 minutes to 40 degrees, and once ready we freeze.


Now we have ready the 3 parts of our panna cotta, we only have to assemble it, we take the container with the panna cotta, and we cover with 2 centimeters of blueberries and 1 cm of pistachio crumble and voila! A fantastic Panna cotta, with cranberry sauce and pistachio crumble.

We hope that you’ll be encouraged to try the recipe at home, and if you don’t, you can always try it at Amassame 😉

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