Little product has as much versatility as cheese, infallible classic for a good meal, in Amassame we prepare a cheese table designation of origin for the taste and delight of those who are very cheese, which we present below:


It began to be made in the municipality of Asiago from where it takes its name. Originally it was made with sheep’s milk, however, it is currently made exclusively and 100% with cow’s milk. It is a cheese that melts in the mouth where it leaves a slightly sweet taste and low acidity reminiscent of freshly milked milk


It is one of the oldest soft cheeses, already made in the 10th century in the cellars of the Lombard valley of Taleggio, near Bergamo. It belongs to the category of stracchini, soft cheese of Lombard origin, generally square, and that owe their name to that they were made with the milk of cows that came down from the mountains, at the end of the season. “Stracch” in local dialect means tired, hence the name.

It is a cheese made with raw cow’s milk, its texture is creamy and the butter flavor with an aromatic touch of acidity depending on the ripening point


Made in the Aosta Valley, in the Alps, since the 12th century. It is a cheese that collects all the exclusive aspects of raw and whole milk and its elaboration; It has a compact, thin and brown crust inside which is enclosed a semi-acid paste, elastic and creamy, with small and scarce holes. The color is light straw yellow in cheeses produced in winter, when cows feed on hay, and tends to the most intense yellow in summer production.


Fresh cheese from the Lombardy area, specifically from Lodi. It owes its name of the Lombard mascherpa or mascarpia dialect, which means ricotta or cream.

It is very creamy, something sweet and slightly acidic. It is made with cream, milk, citric acid and is the main protagonist of the preparation of Tiramisu.


Possibly the best known blue cheese in Italy, its flavor is intense and at first it was made only in the small town of Gorgonzola, near Milan. Today it is produced throughout Piedmont and Lombardy, with whole and pasteurized cow’s milk.

For the elaboration of the fungus, it is punctured with stainless steel needles on the one hand. A week later it is punctured on the other side. Then the cheese is cured under ideal conditions of temperature and humidity and its ripening time can reach up to three months.

Parmesano Reggiano

It is the best known Italian cheese in the world, it is made in the area of ​​Parma from which the name is derived, and also in the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna and Mantua and is only produced with milk from cows native Frisian race and fed with pastures and cereals produced in the area.

The minimum maturation so that it receives the seal of denomination of origin, is 12 months, has a grainy texture, its flavor is sweet and has large amounts of the fifth basic flavor, the umami.

And here this sextet of cheeses that we love and that you can try when you visit us in Amassame

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