Christmas in Italy, traditional dishes

Christmas in Italy, traditional dishes

Italy is a country with really rich gastronomy, all regions have countless recipes that invite you to gather around a table to enjoy and Christmas could not be less.


Christmas Eve also called in Italy “cenone”, a table full of appetizing dishes  that makes it very difficult to choose with which one begin, the dishes vary greatly according to the region but as could not have been otherwise pasta is always present, on this occasion with clams, also seafood dishes, eel or vegetable lasagna, since meat is not usually eaten on that night. That day is also one of children’s favorite because “babbo natale” which is how Santa Claus is known in Italy, brings gifts.


On Christmas day, pasta is also present, but this time baked, it is also typical to eat one of the most traditional dishes, the arrosto, which is a roast beef


On New Year’s Eve, the most traditional avocado is “zampone e lentichie”, which is pork cooked with lentils that according to Italian tradition brings fortune and abundance an abundance that can arrive 6 days later in the form of gifts because in Italy the “magic kings” are replaced by “la Befana”, a witch who brings gifts for good children and coal for bad children.


And something that can not miss these dates is desserts. If here one of the big questions is if you prefer hard or soft nougat, in Italy the question is pannetone or pandoro?, the first It is a bun with raisins in its most classic version, but there are also chocolate and other flavors and pandoro, is a cake with a yellowish color that in this case is not filled and covered with icing sugar. A blessed problem to have to choose between these two delicacies that have become so fashionable, that these dates are found in many Spanish homes.


Now you know a little more about Italian Christmas cuisine. Happy Christmas































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