Different types of pasta in Amassame

Different types of pasta in Amassame

It is at the bottom of the nutritional pyramid, and in one of the highest positions of our emotional preferences to satisfy our appetite, pasta!


Italians consume 6.5 times per week, a fundamental part of a diet that has led them to be the second country with the healthiest food, only surpassed by Spain, although they do consume it in many types and forms .

Because life can be wonderful beyond macaroni and spaghetti, today we present some of the pasta we make by hand in Amassame




Its name comes from the Italian word “buco” which means hole because, and they are kind of  spaguetti with a longitudinal hole through it. Marinates very well with bolognese sauce.


Pasta originates from Sicily, and are short twists of pasta, which appear rolled up on themselves. It combines both with sauces with high cooking times and with fresher sauces like cherrie tomatoes, basil , which is our option for Amassame. You can also add stracciatela


large, very broad, flat pasta noodles, similar to wide fettuccine. Its name derives from the verb “Pappare” which in Italian means to swallow. Thanks to its wider form it takes more flavor. We serve it with ceps sauce, tender onion and Parmesan


Pasta with a helical shape, usually about four centimeters that in our case we color with squid ink, and  serve with one of our less traditional sauces, mushrooms, spinach, prawns, romesco and spicy oil

Different types of pasta that you can choose from when you visit us!

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