It is possibly the most popular sauce on the planet, integrates 2 things that alone would deserve a separate chapter such as tomato sauce cooked over low heat, with patience and stewed meat. So, if it gets together, Boom! We have a spectacular sauce, which originally had no tomato that was not invented in Bologna and is a world heritage site.

Its origin dates back to the time of the conquest of Gaul by the Romans, these exported what was initially a second dish based on meat that was spread or filled with bread, the French adopted it and later already improved in In the middle ages the students and professors who were exchanging between the French and Italian universities brought the recipe back, taking special fame in Bologna, from where it took its name.

The Bolognese sauce recipe as we know it today has undergone many important changes, especially since the 16th century, when tomato was introduced into European cuisine from the Americas.

In the traditional recipe, deposited by the Bologna Chamber of Commerce in 1982, the meat was cooked in milk. At that time, there was a latent fear of losing the essence and characteristics of the sauce, which is why the Italian Academy of Cooking and the Tortellino Brotherhood made it a World Heritage Site.

The choice of meat is essential for its correct preparation, so in Amassame we use Girona beef, simmered with tomato sauce so that it takes the perfect point and then add the Bucatini and turn it into a whip. So you know, if you want to try a good Bolognese sauce, we wait for you in Amassame!

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