Antonio Chiaese, originally from Naples, who despite his youth (only 25 years old) knows exactly what a 100% Italian cuisine requires to exceed the expectations of the most demanding palates.

Grow Amassame’s kitchen, always with that eagerness that characterizes it, look for the points of improvement to offer customers its best version.

– At what time in your life did you realize that you wanted to be a cook?

I realized at 19. I started working in a restaurant as spades and I saw the creations they made and from the minute one wanted to learn what the chefs did.

– What ingredient do you identify with more and why?

With the tomato For its red color, its flavor, freshness and for the many creations we can make with tomato. It would be a very boring life without tomato

 – What should a good kitchen have? And what should he not have?

A good kitchen, first of all there must be a good team that loves their work, providing cooperation, overcoming and harmony. And what there should never be is bad vibes, people reluctantly who are only to collect at the end of the month and without motivation.

– What is a restaurant that you will not forget in your life?

Knead me… hehehe Now seriously, the Passami il Pepe restaurant. It is the first restaurant that formed me to become a cook and be where I am now.

–How would you explain your cooking style?

I am very young and I am still looking for my own style. What I have very clear is that I like simple cooking, giving importance to the product without artifacts that mask the original flavor.

What childhood dish would you like to reinvent?

I would like to reinvent ragù. It is the dish par excellence of my mother and the one that evokes the most tenderness.

What dish would you like to be remembered for?

I still don’t have any dish to be remembered for, but I’m sure I will have it and I hope it’s more than one

– If you only had 5 ingredients, what would they be and what dish would you make?

The ingredients would be salmon, broccoli, bean sprouts, coriander and lime. I would make a grilled salmon with broccoli foam, a lime sauce with cilantro and in the end I would add the crunchy bean sprouts.

– What is the best gastronomic city of all you have gone?

I have a lot to travel, but for now I am staying with my hometown, Naples.

– What restaurant you haven’t been in would you like to go to?

I would love to go to Massimo Bottura’s restaurant, L’Osteria Francescana.

– What do you do when you don’t cook?

My best hobby is reading recipe books and thinking about new creations.

Which topic of chefs is true?

That we have practically no social life and that we spend our lives in the kitchen, except in our home, at least me, which is when I relax and ask for dinner through an application

– What would your perfect gastronomic day be like?

I see myself in a good beachside bar with my girlfriend, eating a delicious seafood while the sun goes down behind the sea

– What do you have to have if or if a good gourmet?

You have to have yes or if a lot of imagination to create new recipes and unite the key ingredients in a spectacular way to extol the flavors on the plate

– What dessert would you end up with?

As a good Italian I am, I would always end up with a rich Tiramisu … like the one I do in Amassame

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